The foundation focusses on children from the age of 3 up to 16. Their goal is to find financial support for their schoolfees so that they can attend school. With a good education they have more opportunities in their live and enables them to support themselves as an adult. The foundation also wants give opportunities to attend professional education or university .

In Gambia education is not for free and unfortunately there are a lot of parents who are unable to provide for that. And parents in Gambia are no different than parents in any other country: they all want the best for their children.

The second goal of the foundation is to start a nursery in a district where there is none. A nursery is a school for the youngest kids, 3 years, which prepares them for Primary education. They learn the basics of English and arithmetics and social skills. Children that have attended a nursery often perform better at Primary school. A nursery also often provides in child services for the parents that have to work.

For the next five years the foundation has the following goals:

  • every year there are 5 new kids that start a schooleducation.
  • within 5 years there are enough funds to start a new nursery
  • every year there is at least 1 student enlisted in a professional training or university